The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Save Your Tears"- 'After Hours' available everywhere now:

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Directed by Cliqua
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Production Company: Florence
Abel’s Costume Designer: Matt Henson
Prosthetics: Mike Marino, Prosthetic Renaissance
Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu
Production Designer: Annie Sperling
1st AD: Mike Alberts
Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
Production Supervisor: Joe Keenan
Assist. Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
Cast Costume Designer: Lisa Madonna
Gaffer: Matt Ardine
Key Grip: Jon Booker
Camera Operator Nick Muller
Steadicam Colin MacDonnell
Editor: Miles Trahan
Color: Matt Osbourne @ Company 3
Sound Design: Christian Stropko
Online: Sunset Edit
Titles: Bradley Pinkerton
Na na, yeah
I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I'm not with you
But then you saw me, caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eye
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
You could've asked me why I broke your heart
You could've told me that you fell apart
But you walked past me like I wasn't there
And just pretended like you didn't care
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
I made you think that I would always stay
I said some things that I should never say
Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine
And now you won't love me for a second time
I don't know why I run away, oh, girl
Said I make you cry when I run away
Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that I'm much too late
And you deserve someone better
Save your tears for another day (Ooh, yeah)
Save your tears for another day (Yeah)
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Save your tears for another day, ooh, girl (Ah)
I said save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)
#TheWeeknd #SaveYourTears #AfterHours
Music video by The Weeknd performing Save Your Tears. © 2021 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Akshay M
    Akshay M
    32 sekuntia sitten

    ഇഷ്ടായി ഒരുപാട് ഒരുപാട് 😍😘

  2. El Tsuru Mamalon
    El Tsuru Mamalon
    Minuutti sitten

    2014: Often 2015: The Hills 2016: Starboy 2017: I Feel It Coming 2018: Call Out My Name 2019: Heartless 2020: Blinding Lights 2021: Save Your Tears He always blows up every year

  3. Yunus Marazoglu
    Yunus Marazoglu
    4 minuuttia sitten

    goood music

  4. MaddasaHatter
    7 minuuttia sitten

    Wow that girl looks so much like Selena I really thought it was her!

  5. Aaron Ryan
    Aaron Ryan
    8 minuuttia sitten

    this reminds of me when I poop something super weird and then I flush it and I move on!

  6. nhật vẫn
    nhật vẫn
    9 minuuttia sitten

    Từ tik tok qua .nhạc hay quá ae

    14 minuuttia sitten

    I like this song soo much because It is soo funny :)

  8. gianvideogame
    16 minuuttia sitten

    el guapo calamardo para los latiamericano ejejjejee

  9. αηgєlιc втѕ ƒƒ
    αηgєlιc втѕ ƒƒ
    16 minuuttia sitten

    *I'm sorry his plastic surgerys was his decision i respect that but i can not accept his new face , before he was truly handsome like a normal men but now i can't look at his face i - i just can't i mean .. like i bet that half of us are shooked* 😫

  10. Alhu 7
    Alhu 7
    16 minuuttia sitten

    Paso de parecerse a Gnabry a calamardo guapo 😳

  11. Jake Richards
    Jake Richards
    17 minuuttia sitten

    I wish there was someone for Abel and someone showed love and compassion for him. All he wants is a person to feel his pain but no one really does because they aren’t Abel. He wears a mask (plastic surgery) to appease while the others (Viewers) are us and the Grammys looking for a show not really caring until it’s gone...

  12. Name Göbüt
    Name Göbüt
    17 minuuttia sitten

    His face like bella Hadid

  13. Zrxzz
    20 minuuttia sitten


  14. The RA
    The RA
    21 minuutti sitten

    Save your deers for another bear, Keep your keys 'til another rent, Show your teeth to another dent, Change your E's for another trend.

  15. Car Rama3
    Car Rama3
    21 minuutti sitten

    bo bux

  16. DIOS OSCURO Jeferson Gutierritos
    DIOS OSCURO Jeferson Gutierritos
    23 minuuttia sitten

    Calamardo Guapo

  17. • p ë å ç h ÿ • k ö õ k ï ē •
    • p ë å ç h ÿ • k ö õ k ï ē •
    23 minuuttia sitten

    I didn’t know I was on Minecraft is that Steve ohhh ok

  18. • p ë å ç h ÿ • k ö õ k ï ē •
    • p ë å ç h ÿ • k ö õ k ï ē •
    23 minuuttia sitten

    Plastic surgery gone wrong

    1. αηgєlιc втѕ ƒƒ
      αηgєlιc втѕ ƒƒ
      2 minuuttia sitten

      *Yeah i feel sorry for him , he wanted beauty .. he didn't know that there is some real fans left that love him for being himself .. for his talent* 😣

  19. Ayah36
    24 minuuttia sitten

    I love him and his musics just so magical...🥰🥰🥰

  20. Nicholas Bryan
    Nicholas Bryan
    26 minuuttia sitten

    Trending ✅

  21. TheCrazyOutdoors
    27 minuuttia sitten

    Is the weekend a revival of good music?

  22. degratiado demente
    degratiado demente
    27 minuuttia sitten

    el sbe q si toca a mi hermana lo mato

  23. Joshua Myers
    Joshua Myers
    32 minuuttia sitten

    Bruh dat jaw line is mad😂

  24. Caahh S2
    Caahh S2
    34 minuuttia sitten

    Te amo mas tá estranho:(

  25. Lucia S. Lavado
    Lucia S. Lavado
    37 minuuttia sitten

    Pongan la canción en 1.25, siguesiendo igual de hermosa que la normal, Abelardo es un Dios

  26. Manny Rodriguez
    Manny Rodriguez
    38 minuuttia sitten

    Dude am I the only one that actually thought he had got real plastic surgery lol🤦‍♂️

  27. Student Landon Villatoro
    Student Landon Villatoro
    38 minuuttia sitten


  28. Salamat Baigulove
    Salamat Baigulove
    41 minuutti sitten

    63K dislikes are likes from Australians 🙃

  29. northyorkjefe
    49 minuuttia sitten

    this guy is making hit after hit !!! impressive, he is becoming the pop star king !! wow

  30. Devoo YT
    Devoo YT
    49 minuuttia sitten

    The Weekend Is Beyond Gifted

  31. Phoenix Hart
    Phoenix Hart
    52 minuuttia sitten

    Badass song!!! Has a cool 80's style to it

  32. Luigi
    52 minuuttia sitten

    This song has a 80´s-90´s feelin, it reminds me to "The cars"

  33. Jake Ugov
    Jake Ugov
    54 minuuttia sitten

    Did they Replace the weekend with handsome squidward ?

  34. Rain To sunshine
    Rain To sunshine
    55 minuuttia sitten

    I don't why I run way❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Laurel Florence Hunter-Drescher
    Laurel Florence Hunter-Drescher
    55 minuuttia sitten

    I make you cry when I run away

  36. hymiir warspear
    hymiir warspear
    56 minuuttia sitten


  37. Melinna Campos
    Melinna Campos
    56 minuuttia sitten

    he got the 80's vibe

  38. Jona
    57 minuuttia sitten

    I really cant get used to his face no matter how much i see it

  39. xNoisyboy FPS
    xNoisyboy FPS
    58 minuuttia sitten

    Didn't knew that 80's ,90's music are so relaxing and awesome!

  40. Patricia Velazquez
    Patricia Velazquez
    59 minuuttia sitten

    Aaaaa....... Wtf

  41. Owen Bernatchez
    Owen Bernatchez
    Tunti sitten

    Whoever did his makeup - your making him look like a fathead!

  42. Aline Lazo
    Aline Lazo
    Tunti sitten

    Antes de la cirugia eras hermoso Perdona que lo diga pero es la verdad 😢ahora te vez horriblemente pesimo

  43. Rain To sunshine
    Rain To sunshine
    Tunti sitten

    I love you Abel 💕💕💕💕💕❤

  44. Felipe Ramos
    Felipe Ramos
    Tunti sitten

    Essa música faz eu me sentir bem

  45. Madelaine Stein
    Madelaine Stein
    Tunti sitten

    He is a genius

  46. Richard Graciadas
    Richard Graciadas
    Tunti sitten

    Nice song

  47. Alexa Hunong
    Alexa Hunong
    Tunti sitten

    This song will never gets old even in 20 years later.

  48. Drae ahead
    Drae ahead
    Tunti sitten

    He look like Martin after the Tommy Hearnes fight

  49. Adriana Eldred
    Adriana Eldred
    Tunti sitten

    I think the song is about getting so lost that you don't know who you are anymore. His face is distorted in a way that he is now unrecognizable. The masked, stagnate crowd are onlookers who couldn't care less who he is or what he does. Trying to make the woman pull the trigger to both scare her and put himself out of his misery is representative of how he feels when he reflects on his behavior, and it goes along well with the lyrics.

  50. Rain To sunshine
    Rain To sunshine
    Tunti sitten

    Abel loves Selena 2:03 ❤❤❤❤

  51. Rain To sunshine
    Rain To sunshine
    Tunti sitten

    I love you Abel forever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Jessica M
    Jessica M
    Tunti sitten

    Escutei 5000000 de vezes

  53. Claudia Urtecho
    Claudia Urtecho
    Tunti sitten

    Top sound🤙😜

  54. Edgar Tapia
    Edgar Tapia
    Tunti sitten

    The video means from the inside out. Ugly but beautiful song

  55. Taitum Cooper
    Taitum Cooper
    Tunti sitten

    Why is no one talking about the guy on the keyboard looking like Michael Jackson

  56. how is this funny
    how is this funny
    Tunti sitten

    FLINT WATER 1:37

  57. think vision
    think vision
    Tunti sitten

    I showed this to a rectangle it became triangle.

  58. Gina Yolo
    Gina Yolo
    Tunti sitten

    Gonna forever remind me of getting tattd

  59. that dude828
    that dude828
    Tunti sitten

    He looks like the joker now

  60. HBK
    Tunti sitten

    Look i really hope Abel is okay and I do not know how he keeps getting better and makes character arcs but this whole show is a master piece and I'm glad to be depressed with it 💎 sad its ruined by dumb comments but its all love in the end

  61. Franz Girado
    Franz Girado
    Tunti sitten

    1:36 When your ex once broke your heart then wants you back

  62. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  63. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  64. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  65. Carmel Bernadeau
    Carmel Bernadeau
    Tunti sitten

    this is my love story with the weeknd, I met him in 2015 with love me harder and I thought ohh he's cute, I didn't hear from him again until I heard I feeling conming in 2017 and I said omg he's amazing so I took a walk for all his music and I stayed 😯😯😯 Then he takes out blinding light, since then I have not been able to listen to another singer, I am his

    1. Cindia Clum
      Cindia Clum
      Tunti sitten

      Wow 💖😭💖😭💖💖💖💖

  66. Denise Gonzalez
    Denise Gonzalez
    Tunti sitten

    The weekday

  67. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  68. WhatAnInterestingBook
    Tunti sitten

    I really had to save my tears of laughter when I saw your face

    Tunti sitten

    u look more better in the past like wtf??!😭

    Tunti sitten

    wtf are those lips

  71. Mammie Barry
    Mammie Barry
    Tunti sitten


  72. Mammie Barry
    Mammie Barry
    Tunti sitten


  73. String Sun
    String Sun
    Tunti sitten

    Pretty song ♥️

  74. Affinify
    Tunti sitten

    He kinda looks like Freddie Mercury now

  75. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  76. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  77. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
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  78. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  79. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  80. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  81. Cindia Clum
    Cindia Clum
    Tunti sitten


  82. Young Skeetz
    Young Skeetz
    Tunti sitten

  83. Young Skeetz
    Young Skeetz
    Tunti sitten

  84. Maya Crawford
    Maya Crawford
    Tunti sitten


  85. Rafe Archer
    Rafe Archer
    Tunti sitten

    Never will understand the Grammys. He makes the best Pop atm., plain and simple. Music industry must be full of boring and corrupt people.

  86. numa86
    Tunti sitten

    Is Daft Punk there?

  87. SUS AG
    SUS AG
    Tunti sitten


  88. Shanya Thompson
    Shanya Thompson
    Tunti sitten


  89. Jessica M
    Jessica M
    Tunti sitten

    Me sinto bem

  90. Miss11 Heidi11
    Miss11 Heidi11
    Tunti sitten

    But I'm already crying

    Tunti sitten


  92. Joshua Myers
    Joshua Myers
    Tunti sitten

    Don’t like this comment like the video

  93. JessicaMaria
    Tunti sitten

    I'm uncomfortable.

  94. david duran cabrera
    david duran cabrera
    Tunti sitten

    lo peor de que the weeknd este haciendo synthwave es q va a comenzar a popularizar el genero entre los anormales! que solamente oyen del 1-100 de los billboards.........................sad

  95. Juana Pimentel julca
    Juana Pimentel julca
    Tunti sitten

    Mi vaso d vino y esta canción ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍷🍷🍷🍷 q rico!! Salud😌

  96. Kamya Bruno
    Kamya Bruno
    Tunti sitten

    Why did he get plastic surgery on his face

  97. Nathalia Meira
    Nathalia Meira
    Tunti sitten

    I don't know..this music brings back some memories that i prefer forget

  98. rickandmortyfan 649
    rickandmortyfan 649
    Tunti sitten

    He looked better before surgery

  99. Rîchprøgamērz 1
    Rîchprøgamērz 1
    Tunti sitten

    What the fuck did I just watch somebody claw my eyes out

    Tunti sitten

    This dude is what R&B has needed. Fucking talented weirdo, as long as he doesn't pee on any kids he's gravy.